Improvement in Time.

As a rather new writer (I’ve only been writing actively for 3 years well 1 really I don’t count on and off kinda stuff) one thing I hear very often is keep doing it. “With persistence and passion you’ll become great”. “All the worst writers are the ones who stop writing”. I’m not really sure how this sudden improvement takes place. I sit and think for long whiles about how to get better and what tactics I need to work, but is that really how you improve? I mean it’s commonly said to just keep doing it, but with me I sit there and clamor like an idiot over all kinds of things. Other days I’ll leave it alone and just write things. I suppose your brain just gets more familiar with the process therefore, improving your skills.

I know sleep can really play a lot into your writing. When you dream you normally dream about something that reflects onto your day especially if you’re like me and you have a very active mind before bed. This in turn makes a better writer for the fact that you wrote a lot that day. Your brain dreams of these concepts and gives you a better understanding of them even if you didn’t know that was happening.

I’m on the path to where I end up always writing something. My goal is to write everyday. As long as I always have something in my head to think about or if there’s particular game or show I’m watching there’s constant new material. With this mindset in just a few years I could get astronomical results!

But I digress, to me writing is nothing without fun. If I’m not having writing (or creating anything for that matter) then I simply won’t do it. Now that I’ve become more and more willing and more accustomed to it I’ve gotten to where I can write much more. I like writing on the PC a lot more then paper just because it’s more fun and less tiring to me.

I really like the tip where you write everything, publish it all, and regret it later. It really goes hand and hand with the persistence thing. Because you’re writing so much and analyzing so much you do improve. One example of this is my first Adventure of Ganba editorial. I was don’t think I was doing the show justice and I could have made it more interesting, but I always write about that show again and writing about now gives me more experience.

A big problem I always had was not wanting to write because I either thought no one would read it or I thought I wasn’t doing the topic in question justice. I worried so much about that sometimes without even writing a word. I eventually learned in time it all helps to bring you to the point where you can talk about it again and stronger then before.

As long as I keep at it my day will come. I’ll fall down many a time, but it’s the getting back up and being better because of it that counts. I’m not entirely happy with a lot of my work which is all the more reason to press on. I need creativity in my life, and I’ll never do away with it. – Logan Romkey written 8\22\2016


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