Saturday Morning Cartoons Nostalgia

Saturday Morning Cartoons were an essential part of my childhood. This is how I received the love of cartoons and Anime I have now. I can fondly remember my mother and brother waking me up to watch Sonic X, Kirby Right Back at Ya, One Piece, Johnny Test, TMNT, Teen Titans, Viva Pinata and so many others. I distinctively remember my brother waking me up each morning with such excitement, and being brought into a lush world of amazing animation. It was a religious experience!

Overtime, Fox stopped airing carioons and the WB blocks got worse. There was a point in 2008 where I stopped watching Saturday cartoons until Kirby started rerunning. When I saw that my excitement was re-energized! I woke up very morning to watch this cartoon in awe glued to the TV with cereal in hand! Even my own mom was invested in it! It was a time without stress, without depression, without the problems of my everyday life. I was just concerned with seeing the next part of the story.

After Kirby stopped rerunning there was really nothing else until 2012. At this point I missed saturday cartoons, and I noticed that the WB was airing B-Daman Crossfire. This  completely impressed me!

My love for saturday cartoons was there again, and it was just in time for them to end. Crossfire was like a last stand for the cartoon blocks for me. With that and DBZ Kai it was pretty much over. Waking up to see this show brought me back to that time once more before the life support was cut.

In recent memory, Nickelodeon has put some cartoons on Saturday but it’s not the same. I can watch those shows on any weekday. I can stream them on Netfix. They simply don’t carry the same charm of a saturday morning block on cable nor do they carry the quality.

I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons dearly, and sadly they will never return. I’m just glad I was able to experience the WB Kids blocks, Toonzai, 4kids TV, Vorrtex, etc. I may have been very young in some of those, but it all is ingrained in my mind magical and perfect.


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