Some Reviewers Are Just Relaxing.

I was pondering the idea of every single reviewer having to be amazing or great or have a super detailed analysis. When thinking about my own content I thought about changing all my videos to this style, but then it hit me I enjoy ClassicGameRoom and he’s not super analsissy (which isn’t a word), I enjoy HeavyMetalGamer’s Reviews and he’s not super detailed, HappyConsoleGamer, and Biopheonix too! Along with countless others within that style.

Some reviewers are just relaxing. I’m a firm believer that every piece of art should be judged on it’s own, and that reviews are an art. That’s why there’s no sense in proposing the “rule” that you have to be super deep and grabbing. Quick reviews can be fun, relaxing, informing, and just the honesty and passion of the reviewer goes along way. Which goes hand and hand with their persona too!

Sometimes when I’m looking up a game I don’t want a big ass analysis video that could be compared to a masterpiece. I just want a quick webvideo that can be entertaining and informing. Not everything has to be the best.

I do love analysis videos though. They’re a great form of entertainment when done right and they almost never get derivative, and derivative-ness is something that is often criticized with CGR and others like it which is fair, but as long as I don’t over saturate myself with those kinds of videos I’m fine. And you’re most likely gonna change up your schedule anyway with YT. But with someone like HCG or Biopheonix they basically morph this style into something that’s easily rewatchable and I can binge on all day.

So, the style itself isn’t even always the problem, but if we’re gonna be board I’d say it never was a problem in the first place. There are just some people that excel at it better then others. For my own content, I like doing all kinds of things. I’ll have some reviews as a big analysis and others like my Atari reviews that are just short and fun. I’ll always find reviews in the CGR and conversation style very relaxing and nice to watch. And honestly, when you get good enough your rules you put for yourself are meant to be broken because you’ve used them so much and know every in and out.


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