I Will Always Be Creating

I remember distinctly reading the poem “Put Something In” by Shel Silverstein at a young age. That poem always struck a cord with me because at that time I was only just realizing my obsession with making things. You see, I loved drawing and coming up with silly scenarios at an incomparable age. So much so, that instead of doing my school work I often imagine my favorite cartoon characters in different situations (mainly Spongebob). Or draw some random violent thing. I always had this since of.. fulfillment.

Every time I make a new video, write a blog post, draw a picture, or come up with an idea there’s this unbelievable high that’s slept over me. It’s incredibly addicting, and no matter how bad the project is, as long as I get it out I feel great. The feeling of fulfillment never gets old, and I always attempt to better with each piece of Art I create in some way. I’m fascinated with the process and the end result.

I think my purpose for being alive is simply to create. To put something in that hasn’t been there before as told by Shel Silverstein. We all contribute something to the world in our lives. Whether it be more life or just to help out our fellow humans. Or Maybe something a bit atrocious by most. We’re all putting something in. I’m no different then you in that aspect. It’s my purpose to add more to the world just as it is yours. I’m just doing it in an Artisan’s way.

Some people work in factories to help make more toys for kids. Others love farming to feed the world. What I’m doing as an Artist is filling a niche that needs to be filled. “You may ask, Logan your art isn’t much different then most others right? That sounds pretty self righteous of you.” First of all, there’s nothing wrong with having pride in your work and self righteousness is okay to a point. The reason why I fill a niche that isn’t being filled is because it’s me doing it.

No one is exactly the same as me nor would I want them to be. My Art is both to entertain and make myself happy, but also to (hopefully) help others. I want my work to help people through a rough time or to give them entertainment when they really needed it. Just by being myself and putting things in the world I enjoy, I’m filling a niche and that’s something no one can take away from me.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t making crap. My life would more then likely be Hell. I have my fair share problems here and there, but it’s knowing my purpose that keeps me going. I live for this, and I always have. If it weren’t for my Art I’d honestly have no reason to live. I can’t stop putting in something new 24\7 nor would i want to.

It’s not just for me to enjoy myself and help others. I want to leave a legacy behind within my work. Even if it never becomes very good my kids could point out one day and say “my dad did that”. If I don’t have kids to leave the world behind, there will still be my work either way. My Art is my a big part of my legacy. That’s part of why I try to publish everything. I want my life documented so when I’m gone remenents or sprickles of who I was will exist after I’m gone. Almost as if I never went anywhere. At the very least something to remember me by if you will.

My Art isn’t just a hobby or a fun thing to see on the Internet. It’s my passion and it’s the reason I’m here.


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