Everything I Do

No matter which way I look at, through what kind of eye in my head I always get gitty when thinking about the creation process. Quite literally everything I do I try to turn into a video or blog post. If I’m eating something, let’s make a vlog about it, if I’m playing a game let’s make a review of it. It’s a sense of pride, guilt, and insanity that I aren’t going anywhere.

I tend to analyze very bit of information I can. It’s important to get things out of everyday experiences that can be either intellectually stimulating or have some value in terms “what I’m I gonna do later” or “oh I know the answer to that mistake now”. You can take a lot from everyday situations. Maybe the whether made you feel a certain way emotionally or maybe your messy room gives a sense of home.

You can take these experiences, analyze them, and in turn learn more about yourself. You can learn life lessons too! You people are the only ones i can vent that to. I both feel obligated to make something new out of my life,and I feel like your the only people I can tell this to anyway. It’s a great dynamic. I’m giving you new content to consume (good or bad), and you’re consuming it and even sharing it. It let’s me know people are enjoying this obsession of mine instead of me just yelling at a wall with no one there (not to say I wouldn’t gladly do so).

So, anytime I do something in my day it always gives me an idea for an existing project or a new one. Maybe I need some more personalty traits for a character in a video series, and the burger I was eating just happen to complement him in a way where I thought of a new trait for them. It could come spontaneous like that or as the aforementioned I just feel obligated to make something from it.

Meaning, if I don’t come up with some weird meta thing or am reminded of a random project I still take things from it. Let’s take my vlogging channel for example, I can make a vlog about anything. So, I will then make a vlog about whatever happened. Heck, even this blog post you’re reading is just me relaying information I thought of when I was going through my day (and every other day).

I never known why this occurs, but I have a theory. Remember that one blog post where I talked about the high i get from creating? Thanks to that creative addiction of mine if I’m not making something I feel like something is wrong. I have to be working, I have to be thinking about working, and I have to be starting to work. If I’m not I’ll either be incredibly depressed or will just be having less fun with my everyday life. Like I’ve said many times, I need to be doing that Art because there’s nothing I’d be doing, and there’s nothing more fulfilling.


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