Internet Fame: My Thoughts (Draft 1?)

PART 1: Awareness and Modern Times

It seems like every person and their mother on Youtube is trying to get famous in some way or another. Some try to call attention to them selves with petty drama that could honestly be interchangeable between each person. While others just work very hard to do great videos to no avail.

In today’s Internet landscape, there are millions and millions of people just like you trying to get the same thing. Fame, money, and admiration is the goal. The problem you can’t just make a high quality show like AVGN or make a snappy animation and get famous anymore. Pewdiepie has been in the news for god sake people are aware of what Internet personalities get therefore, more people come in.

What happens when more come in? Over saturation. That’s exactly what’s happening in Youtube these days. It’s complete luck if a person can get their channel off the ground because there’s a thousand others doing the exact same thing. One could make the argument that the cartoon reviewing community isn’t as bad yet like gaming, but it’s getting there.

It’s simple, you have to get shouted out by bigger channels and anything else is by pure chance. Whether or not your video gets shared can be tweaked a little, but there’s only so much you can do. People these days are vicious about it.
They’ll do anything for the money that comes with this Internet thing.

Part 2: The Old Days of YouTube

Back when Youtube first started there wasn’t much. You could drop a video and get a thousand views easy. If you did something unique you’d climb to the top in a heart beat, and many would clone you i.e. the AVGN boom. It’s because there were less people therefore, less competition.

The Internet was just becoming mainstream. In the late 90′s it was beginning, in the Early to mid 2000′s it was that limbo period between mainstream and not. In 2006 when Youtube started it was the perfect window to start. Uploads when 10 minutes, copyright was less strict to not even there, and you could get an audience in a week. It was perfect.

Everyone there just wanted to do fun videos. The passion fueled every creation yet audiences were more easily obtained. I attribute this to both there being less people, and the introduction of monetized videos was non existent. Money wasn’t the prerogative for anyone.

Then monetization rolled around and things changed; a lot of things changed. You see, MCNs were just introduced thanks to the no gameplay policy and money just started rollin’ in late 2007. AVGN was one of the first, but by 2009 the focus completely shifted. Everyone was motivated by money and the Internet was a lot bigger.

Part 3: Blogging

Blogging had been around at that time since the 2000′s. Youtube was still a free enterprise by the time that ship sailed. Bloggers make nothing these days, and it started a lot quicker. The bloggers learned it’s a passion thing above all else.

Getting paid for blogging just like getting paid for Youtube was non existent around the time it started. Many writers just wanted to get their thoughts out there. It was a fun thing to do on the weekends or at an afternoon you have time.

Most people who did it were fans of magazines especially in the video game blog scene. Many of them came off as fanzines. They had very similar writing styles to most people writing in game magazines at that time like Chris Slate for example.These old blogs can now be found via the way back machine thanks to their servers dying or them losing the domains.

Part 4: Tips For Today

As I mentioned in Part 1, there are a ton of writers and video creators on the scene. It’s next to impossible to get anything out there. But that’s the keyword “next to impossible”. There have been many channels that got a following in just 2015 of forty thousand subscribers.

I think the trick is 1. start a test channel. One of the main problems I had with growth in the beginning was i wasn’t good. Every video I put out was god awful. If I spent more time practicing things would have went different. It’s best to start a channel learning to use YT, and just do a videos for it so you can learn the process better. I’d say do it for about a month and you’ll be great. Don’t be ashamed of bad content, learn from it.

2. Share in facebook groups. A lot of my subscribers (the few I have) came from sharing in groups. Just the fact that I was starting out drew people to me. Social media really does help. Network with other channels and earn shoututs by working hard and commenting on other small people. Many of my first subscribers came from me commenting on others stuff.  Reply to every comment too on your stuff!

3. Do trending topics you’re INTERESTED in. If you have a channel, and you’re interested in some trending topics then by all means do it. Just make sure to do it at least creative in some way. Trending topics often garner views when done high quality, but go that extra mile. Be creative in them and engage the audience. That first impression means a lot. By Trending topics I don’t always mean a ton of news videos. Reviews are great for games that just came out or shows that just came on.

4.Optimize tags and thumbnails. You worry about this a little later in your career. Have a few videos out then study thumbnails. Try to have you’re name or a brand logo in the thumbnail. Make sure the thumbnail relates to the video and is appealing. Tags will always be important. Use tags in accordance to what the video is about, and try to add some interesting things that people search.

5. Make videos you’d watch, and enjoy their creation process. If you can’t watch your own videos or read your own blog you have a problem. If you don’t like it more then likely others won’t either. Make the best you can, but don’t be discouraged if you make a bad piece.

6. Take criticism. A lot of Youtubers these days let their ego get in the way. Criticism is helpful. It comes from a good pace. All these people want to do is help you out. It’s advice. But remember, there’s a difference in “you say this word too much” and “you’re an ass hole”.

7. Do topics others haven’t or give an opinion only you have. A lot of the time I will do a video no one has done, and it gets a ton of attention. I did one about what my favorite console generation was, and no one had ever done that topic It helps to be the only one that made a certain topic. Trust there are ones you only know. If you give opinions that differ from everyone else’s it can also help because again it’s only you.

Part 5: Thoughts Overall

I think it’s still possible to get famous on Youtube, but no as a blogger (oh hell no). Just be passionate and work hard. Doing Art even when no one will see it is a testament to work ethic. Either way you’re gonna need work ethic right? If you truly want to do this then JUST DO IT. If you keep doing for years. you might get a job at it. Play your cards right and keep at it. Chase that dream.


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