Modern Metallica Actually Had An Okay Song? “Hardwired” REVIEW


Metallica has been disappointing for a long time. They’ve made complete incoherent, pandering shit since the Load album. With this song in particular they know people want a return to their roots in a since. They do a Thrash song, yes. But it has many of the tropes that make all their other songs not on Justice or even Black terrible. Metallica is simply playing off nostalgia because they know that’s what’s big. They want Metallica fanboys and they want fans of the old albums. Seriously, since when has Metallica even cared about the music they play hmm maybe since I don’t know the fucking Black album!

The entire song is the same core riff. Not only that, but it sounds very similar to a simplified riff off Kill Em’ All. It’s a good riff don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty catchy and it was played well, but people are blowing this riff outta proportion. There are people saying it’s better then what they wrote in the 80′s! I got tired of the entire song after 3 times! It’s so repetive and boring. Sure, it’s cool the first time but after further analysis it just becomes awful. Not to mention the bass is barely noticeable. Hmm who does remind me of? Oh yeah fucking St. Anger!

The lyrics are just complete trite. This is something I wouldn’t even expect from a Blink 182 song let alone a Metallic song that’s supposed to be “return to form”. At least with Blink their songs can actually be fun, but with this it makes me wanna have an anal evacuation. I don’t mind cursing at all. Curse words are great to express a certain thought or idea, but in Hardwired it just feels soulless. It feels like they were trying to be cool and edgy when in reality they just needed to give a well written song. Maybe something with I DON’T KNOW SOME ACTUAL FUCKING EMOTION. There are ways to transmit powerful lyrics with simple subjects. Master of Puppets and One are really good examples of this where they told an incising story with such simple concepts.

In conclusion, the new song is being blown out of proportion. People say it’s better then the 80′s stuff, but they are blinded by wanting something Thrashy. Metallica new this and played that card. It suffers so many of the same grievances that all their band’s bad songs do unnoticeable bass, terrible song writing, subpar riffs that go on too long, etc. Maybe when I heard the new song was a return to form I expected too much. This is modern Metallica and it is an OKAY song for them. I guess these days it’s big news when make something listenable (at least for one time) sigh.


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