OLD: My Procrastination Problem


(I actually don’t procrastinate anymore at the time of republishing this see this video for more information on my current thoughts   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bnP5JZbA1E)

I think many us have been faced with procrastinating and the problem of procrastination. Heck, me writing this blog post is me making an excuse to procrastinate on my home work by writing about procrastination! Wait what? Anyway, procrastination is a demon that plagues my every day life. ESPECIALLY with me doing my school, but creative endeavors as well.

I know I have to eventually do it, but until then I can’t get anything done because I feel so guilty about doing that other important thing. This in turn ends with me getting no work done, no games played, no shows watched, no content created, and then the next day being super depressed. It’s a very self destructive situation, and honestly I’m just wasting my time by doing this.

I know it’s not a good idea to procrastinate and it hurts my situation far more then it helps (it doesn’t help in ANY way). But somehow, for some reason, I keep coming back like a drug addict on crack or as if it was a ghost haunting me, watching my every move. In one sentence, it fucking sucks.

I try very hard to combat it only sometimes succeeding. I sit there and tell myself the quicker I get this done the quicker I can move on with my life. Obviously, that doesn’t seem to always work.  But why?

I think it’s my inner not wanting to do it so much that I’d rather not do anything at all and just be a depressive ass hole. Or maybe it could be my own mental incapablities  trying to ruin my day. Whatever the case, I always, always get my work done one way or another. Push through with all you got and do something great!


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