Failed Cartoon Pilots

In any medium, there’s gonna be a ton of stuff that gets left through the cracks. I’ve talked about obscure cartoons before, but pilots in particular I feel like never had any chance. It’s amazing to go back and see all these shows that had potential, but nothing came of them. Never mind shows that need more seasons like Coconut Fred. There’s so many shows that got no seasons.

It’s really sad in retrospect. All this talent and so many great ideas. I’ve found myself loving characters and art style in so many failed pilots. Kenny and the Chimp that I have such a longing for. Everything was great in that pilot. That’s one case where it had a semi fair chance, but it just never got picked up. The creator Tom Warburton isn’t doing anything these days maybe after he gets Galactic Kids Next Door picked up he’ll get this out.

Jammers is one that I think CN gave no chance. It was such a bizarre and out there show. If Cartoon Network played it more, and gave it some real advertising I think kids would have loved it. The show was insanity and the characters were so much fun. I’d describe it as Uncle Grandpa but far better and more like Ren and Stimpy. If CN took the risk it could have really resonated with Kids as a insane fever dream kinda show. That kind would be more popular it was back in mainstream focus.

There have been of MTV pilots that nothing ever came of. The more I look into these possible shows the more I can empathize with creators. It ain’t easy getting a pilot out there much less an entire series. Like I said, it’s sad to see so much talent lost from TV.

But I also find failed pilots incredibly interesting for all the reasons that make them kinda depressing. They show us what could have been. They give room to imagine an alternate time where this was a thing. They also put into the perspective the people behind it. I think pilots work like shorts to a degree. I love Disney’s Feast, but by the time it’s over it made an emotional connection and it said what it had to. With pilots they only sort of work like shorts and that’s only with some.

With something like Constant Payne the story isn’t over. You wanna see what happens next. You’re left without any answers. With a comedy pilot there’s not necessarily any continuity therefore, making them less dissatisfying.


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