Change In Time

As I was scrolling through Youtube today with my mind occupied on so many different topics at once I realized there’s so much to do at one time. I mean, I’ve focused on sections of the Youtube community that they stagnated. I watched very video or all the integral videos to the influential gaming channels ad their many knock offs. My standards for gaming content started to detirerate. You search through the influential, the hidden, the knock offs, and then I found myself at a stale mate. Gaming content wasn’t as interesting anymore aside from a few channels I watch regularly with others every now and then.

I think this is why I’m becoming more interested in creating other video content. I learned what made these gaming channels great and others bad. I learned what I wanted out of the community which made me realize what I was gonna do with my videos. Did I work on more gaming stuff immediately after with this new insight? NOPE! I began to search through other facets of Youtube. I had been watching these, but only the bigger channels and on a less regular basis.

When searching through these communities, I became huge into cartoon reviewers and Anime Analysis videos. Constantly taking notes from the likes of Rebeltaxi, Gigguk, Digibro, etc while at the same time learning to better formulate an argument. Which in turn helped me more with gaming content (whenever I get back to that). I just find it kinda funny how I realized all my flaws in my game reviews and how to make them stand out, but then turned to a new medium to review. Once I’ve made enough of these cartoon reviews and analysis videos I’ll probably have another feeling of stagnation albeit less strenuous.

You see, it’s not just the content I’m watching in general. It’s me growing up and further exploring my own self. I’m weeding out the filler and finding what I truly get the most out of in Art. I’m beginning to say the same about my life in general. Not to say that there haven’t been some obvious flaws in the gaming community. After being in some what of a crippling depression, I found ways of self betterment and prospering more growth. I’m not at all saying things are fine and dandy more so, that they have improved.

I know I’ve mentioned weeding out filler and fostering new kinds of content but happens if I get board of that? I’ve recently come up with probably my best idea for video series. Spongebob Analysis.

Okay, okay I know you may be a bit confused and might think I’m insane to which I probably am, but hear me out on this. Remember how I was jumping from different content after learning it’s roots and every specific I could know? Well, if I wanted to I could probably do far better gaming videos then I did and have some fun at it. I could probably do a lot of anime and cartoon videos and have a lot of fun with it. I enjoy these kinds of content plenty. They’re fun to make, and I have plenty of stories to tell within each medium.

The thing is, every artist needs their revered project. Every artist needs that near and dear message within a piece that means a lot to them. Just as every person wants to do something they truly love on some level. I want to make something I will truly love and enjoy every step of making. I want it to be something only I could put into the world.

Spongebob has always been an integral part of my childhood. Without a doubt it’s my favorite cartoon of all time. It’s been with me forever, as long as I can remember. And I’ve always been playing defense for it. I’ve always loved it, and I’ve loved the less shiny aspects of it that many hate. I analyze it whenever it’s on. I love it to death, and in my house hold it was hated.

Seeing Pieguyrulz do rants on Spongebob episodes that I love or give them a meh rating gives me that same frustration I got when I was little watching it around my parents. I got utterly mad, and I just wanted to be understood. That’s the main message I wanna tell through my Spongebob Analysis. That’s why  I wanna make and why the project means so much to me. Upon getting mad, I used that to improve my critical thinking. I found the holes in their argument and gave reasoning as to why they were wrong. In the same way I find everything I disagree with in Pieguy.

I can sit all day and write about Spongebob because I know everything about it and have such a large passion for the show. Take any other article I write that’s short for example, most of them have been short for a few reasons. 1. I don’t know much about the topic or don’t have much to say but am compelled to write about it for the sake of practice. 2. I have fun writing about it to a point, but it’s not something I have a deep passion for (kinda goes with one). 3. I know I’m not enjoying it as much as I should. It’s not fulfilling enough for me. It’s fine on the side, but it doesn’t clearing define what I want more of in the world.

This usually breeds short pieces that aren’t even concise. You’ll find many filler words or repetition of an idea to add space. The text book definition of bad writing in my case. If a piece is gonna be short you can’t litter it with filler. That’s only a sign you have nothing to say. With Spongebob I have everything to say, and it’s no holds barred. I can talk about the show for hours as communicated in my writing. In the same way Digibro can write 1hour analytical videos about Anime because he knows so much about Anime and care deeply about it. He wanted to spread his knowledge and receive affirmation on his opinions. Or in the way Rebeltaxi can edit to so many different cartoon clips because he’s seen so many damn cartoons and how he can also give such a good to the point look on a show. One of the reasons why he enjoys this so much is because he never had anymore to talk about cartoons with. It was a big driving force in his career.

I looked up Spongebob Analysis and surely enough it was Pieguy and one other dude that came up. The other guy was doing some interesting character analysis, but overall nothing too creative. Pieguy I wouldn’t even call analysis at least not the way I would do it. This led me to believe that it’s just me in this game. Based on the way Youtube is, I’d be able to do something I’m incredibly passionate about, and very likely be able to foster a fan base. Even if I don’t end up doing this good maybe my mediocrity will inspire others to start. I’d be the first either way, and I’d still love what I’m doing. I’m confident in the idea however that I would enjoy those videos. I’m creating these for myself.

Many artists start doing what they have passion for because they add something that wasn’t there. That’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s hard to sit here and explain my work. That’s left to interpretation. The best I can really do is explain my emotions, personalty, and upringing which if you pay attention are incredibly important to understanding these videos. A thematic statement in over analytical videos about… Spongebob because it’s me.


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