ReLIFE was probably one of the most fulfilling and grabbing experiences I’ve had in terms of a show I’ve been watching. It had me griped from beginning to end. It was one of the few shows was actually able to marathon! When I wasn’t marathoning it it was always in the back of my mind when I was gonna watch it again. Everything from the concept, the music, the visuals to the characters were fantastic!

I’ll admit I’ve had much experience in high school shows and melo drama. So, coming into I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what the norms for the genre were aside from I see in videos. However, based how the show made me feel and my viewing experience it gets a solid 9\10. The ending is the only thing only it back which leaves some conflicts unresolved, and there’s a lot of room for further character enrichment.

The story revolves (at first) around Kaizaki Arata. He can’t hold a job and becomes the 2nd subject to the ReLIFE program. He’s approached by Yaoke (who observes his every move later on) and gives him a pill that changes everything. If Kaizaki takes the pill he’ll transported back to his last year of High School (while his house is being paid by the company) so he can improve his life. If the test goes over well he will be offered a job, and his life will be turned completely around.Kaizaki is only in this for the job.His allowance is cut off, and no one will hire him after leaving his company job after a few months. People see him as a quitter for acting upon his emotions so he gets little to no work.

In all this, he’s still getting over the loss of a loved one. All of this spirals into him becoming what I like to call a half NEET. He’s certainly referred to as a NEET in the series, but he can interact with people just fine. He just can’t get work causing him to rely on parents. It’s not about him wanting to change everything. It’s about his perspective on the younger, and him getting a better job. He learns how much he’s improved from the time he grew up. Kaizaki goes back to School with the understanding of a sociable adult giving him more of an advantage as well as that serving as a learning point. His class mates cause him to learn more about him self throughout their daily dramas. The experience serves him well in that he both puts things into perspective and picks up new things on the way. He improves. It’s not at all about him regretting everything.You really have a bird’s eye view on these Teenagers lives.

Like I said, I haven’t watched too much High School Anime, but just from being in School you have some petty conflicts in your life. Kaizaki is able to put his perspective on these as an adult. You watch the show from the point of view of someone who has wisdom. It also shows how much he’s learned from his youth. As such, I think his wisdom does help the ones around him resolve their problems without him interrupting too much. Like I said, it’s more of a bird’s eye view. One of the things I loved about this show is it’s ability to combine both heavy adult thematic elements and silly high school fodder. The conflicts don’t shy away from each other. They are two different subplots, but they flow together making the a cohesive story. it works incredibly well with ReLIFE’s wonderful pacing. Every conflict is usually resolved in one episode. Nothing goes over too slow or too fast. There was one conflict that went over 3 episodes, but rightfully so. It was very integral to well everyone. Honoka, Hishiro, Yaoke, Kairu, Kaizaki, I felt like grew everyone grew in that specific arc without spoiling anything.  I’m someone who loves all kinds of pacing fast paced, slow paced, and anything weird and out there. This show however, gave me the exact pacing to keep me watching an entire night.

The plethora of characters in this show are incredibly likable. Of course, the story most of the story is about Kaizaki, but that not to say the other characters mean nothing. Quite the contrary. Every conflict and development all contributes to the narrative of Kaizaki solving his problem. We also have a lot of fun moments there too. I fell in love with everyone’s persona. Everyone’s problems meant something. There was real tension, and I loved getting to know this cast. There were questions we all wanted to know because we ended up so invested in them. I’m trying to be as board as possible within this review so I don’t spoil anything which is really hard in the context of this show.

The character of Hishiro is one of the most interesting. Hishiro is a very smart character, the top of her class. Kaizaki’s journey to help her become less of a ‘social idiot’ for lack of better term helps him find that extra spark he needs. He thoroughly enjoys helping her, and it pays off when she gets friends. There’s a great bond between them I find.It’s really fulfilling to see her try to get somewhere socially.  There’s a twist about her I simply refuse to give away. Watch the show for more.

The animation was limited, but very nice. I think what made the show so visually pleasing was the voice actors and music that went with it. The audio visual dynamic complemented each other beautifully. Without such great voice actors and music I feel like the art wouldn’t mean as much. Overall it looks nice. I don’t think anyone would disagree with it in terms of colors. The aesthetic kinda reminds me of an early 2000′s Anime, but with the advantages we have now.

Overall, I thought ReLIFE was a really interesting show! I was thoroughly entertained all the way through. I couldn’t stop watching it! One of the best Anime of 2016 undoubtedly! It had some light hearted moments, some sympathetic ones, some comedy, some drama, and it was all packaged in a very well written science fiction package. I highly recommend it. 9\10


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