The Value of Conversation

I recently filmed a vlog talking about wasting my time. I don’t think i got across the fact that some conversations are just completely worthless while other can have a lot intellectual value. That goes for other things that may be seen as time wasters at first. The scary thing is not knowing. Sure, I gained a little bit more culture, but I also lost a few hours of time. I try my best to analyze the situation to really see whether it’s worth my time or not.  Conversation can be tricky.

On one hand you can better articulate your arguments and learn some things. On the other you just waste your time completely talking to some idiot who could care less about a point other than theirs. There will be some that ignore all logic within their reasoning I tend to ignore these folks all together. I’m not making this person smarter because I know they won’t listen. Besides, society doesn’t DESERVE me to improve it’s intellect. This is made no more apparent then with arguments on the internet.

In Youtube comments I’d rather just delete the idiot then sit there and argue with them. Of course, if your disagreement is well thought out and you give your arguments well (even I disagree) your comment stays. Put some effort into what you write if you wanna be in my comments section. Don’t just say well uh I don’t think that. Actually put in the effort to say what you wanna say. Hell, you might even change my mind. If I can see the intellect behind what you say I will happily debate with you.

There are certain people that you should just never debate with however.You know the ones. They ignore any logic, disregard the facts, are completely disrespectful, those people. Another sign that just don’t give a crap is how they formulate a sentence. If their comment is written on a 3rd grade level with no punctuation just ignore them. They probably shouldn’t even be on that video or fourm. My 9 year old sister is smarter then some of these “adults” on the internet.

Conversation is valuable. It just depends on who you talk to. I’ve learned so much when getting into debates with others. If I don’t agree or end up agreeing I still added more information to my brain. I found another point to argue against which is healthy. My passion is all critical thinking, and conversation\debates help me with my work. It not only enriches you with a different perspective, but it can teach you more about that person. It’s also really fun to do. It gives us something to do in the time we spend with our peers.

Some people may take this mindset as egotistical which on some level it is, but not on any serious one. I’m tolerant of other peoples’ views, and I will gladly debate with them. It’s if I know these people will be a waste of time I simply don’t waste my time. It may seem cowardly to not argue against someone who I believe is wrong, but the only person to whom that should EVEN CROSS their mind is already a simpleton because not everyone wants to put in the effort. Not everyone will apply logic to their thought. All they’ll do is yell and beckon their safe space’s call. I’ve argued with so many IDIOTS over trivial and not so trivial things, and in that time I could have been doing so much else with my life. Unlike a respectful debate, no one is getting any value. No one is learning anything from each other. It’s better to be productive and live a happy life then waste all this time arguing when no one will even learn from it.


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