Podcasts Are Great (SOMETIMES) – A Random Diatribe

I’ve mentioned in multiple vlogs how I spend most of my time consuming Youtube with so much of it being long form content. Long vidoes on Youtube are the future. This generation sits around for hours watching Youtube videos and listening to podcasts. These channels need to get with the times or they’ll be fizzled out, but hey podcasts!

Podcasts are like the better version of radio. Most radio shows seem to be boring without people I can get behind. Besides NPR of course. I listen to that shit all the time. But what podcasts do that radio doesn’t is provide a sense of characterization. Remember how I said the medium is the message? And how Youtube is more about the individual and amateur-ish art styles?

Podcasts are a way to connect with the creators we love on a deeper level. Or at the very least get a better understanding of who they are. They’re often done with friends, and if the podcast is good they’re gonna have good chemistry. You get the sense that they aren’t recording at all. Like the camera isn’t even there. It’s this sense of realism in their interactions along with their more off the cuff attitude that makes online podcasts appealing for me.

I can’t bring myself to listen to any podcast from a personalty I don’t already know. Unless you’re doing something completely unique, I’m probably not gonna listen. Now, we usually come for a certain personalty but their friends are there too right? What if the chemistry isn’t all the way there? What if we just have no interest in these people?

Well, I think you can do a podcast right without knowing the newer guests. You have to impress me though. With something like The Mantholodgy Show,  I hated it because the Interactions were terrible. The idea for the show was kinda neat, but it was stifled by people it couldn’t get me to care about. I like Derek because I loved the Undertow videos, and Undertow was gone. So, I checked out this podcast, listened to a few episodes, and then hated it. Everyone on there was boring! And it didn’t let me know enough of them to make me even care. Derek is one thing, but the co hosts have to be cool too.

The Procrastinators Podcast and Pizza Party Podcast on the other hand made me love everyone. With Procrastinators Podcast, the only person  knew was Digi. It was me loving his videos that brought me there, but I stayed for all the hosts. The interactions were great, informative, and funny. It seemed like a true good time. I was quickly reeled in by everyone, and everyone had interesting things to say. After that, I then subscribed to all their channels.

The Pizza Party Podcast did me over just by being incredibly funny. Jim, Nolan, Pan, and anyone else who came on there made me have a great time. I initially came to hear about cartoons and for Pan, but what I got was far better. Right from the start I enjoyed hearing these people I never knew of. And i ended up laughing ever episode. It’s Bastard Step Child The Mommies Boys Podcast however uh… we don’t talk about that in this house.

Finally, the Toonami Fiathful is one i came to just for information. This is proof you can do a good podcast on the basis of information rather personalty, but it has to be really good. You see, Toonami Faithful’s atmosphere actually feels like Toonami. During them recaping toonami news, giving a retrospective on a certain time in Toonami, or just talking what makes the block the great. We see passionate fans that i can grab onto. I myself love to Toonami, and the fact that there’s a podcast recaping what happens and giving in depth history is fascinating. It’s atmospheric, informative, and it all round is passionate. These fans really care.

So there’s some general thoughts on Podcasts. Super rushed out because I haven’t written a blog post in days!


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