Bias Should Be Embraced

I see a lot of so called “critics of critics” throw the debate of bias in reviews. It’s stupid. In a review, it’s your opinion. There’s absolutely no way to be objective. You might give a brief description of the game, history, and story to give context behind your points, but all in all it’s based on opinion.

There’s a reason why people get so upset, people simply don’t like others to think differently. Since of the beginning of time idiots have gotten mad over trivial things. In this gigantic, anonymous, computer age this problem is even more prevalent especially with Autists having access to the Internet. I’ve had countless times where I got blocked for simply stating my opinion. I didn’t do it rudely. I just said what I though and left it open for debate.

People like echo champers, people like yes men, and people like their safe spaces. Far too many can’t handle being disagreed with. It’s either a matter of egotism or lack of empathy. I can understand getting mad in argument we all do, but we should still respect each other. No matter what age, no matter what color, and no matter what they think. Sociopaths who are unable to empathize have a problem where they just can’t understand why people think differently. While the Egotist in extreme cases simply has an inferiority complex. They can’t handle being wrong or the thought of it.

It’s open to debate, and if their argument is completely illogical then simply don’t talk to them. You don’t have to get offended or cry. Just leave them alone. I’ve had so many comments I either didn’t respond to or just deleted. Some people are just dumb. You can’t change everyone. In fact, you can’t change most of anyone especially of the seasoned variety. No amount of experience nor wisdom will change the fatuousness of some people. I’m not gonna yell or insult if they’re being illogical. I’m just gonna go our separate ways. Or in this case not watch the video. We only have so much time in our lives. I don’t like wasting it.

stupefying, I went a few paragraphs in and I already went on a tangent. Anyway reviewers! If you make your review objective it’s gonna boring. If I’ve played the game or what have you, pertinent facts mean nothing. I played it, and I understand it. Even if I didn’t, it’s still incredibly boring. Don’t call a review call it an overview. A review implies there will be a score, thoughts, etc. Objective reviews without Bias are boring and aren’t even reviews to begin with.

I come to reviews for entertainment and knowledge. I want to know how a piece of media made someone feel. I want to extend my reach on opinions. Sure, I may not agree but it’s culture. I’m learning more and strengthening my own arguments when hearing theirs. It let’s us have an intellectual dialogue, and it’s fun. It’s not about what’s being reviewed.

Bias occurs when oneself is completely influenced by their own thoughts. Something like the News shouldn’t be biased (yet it is anyway). It’s supposed to be a way to inform the people. The most informative way would be to give the facts and let people figure it out on their own. Everything in the News is through a lens, but it really shouldn’t be. Big money should have no influence, and the speakers themselves should have no influence. The facts are what people look for, and since the News has always been so well regarded as a factual medium people don’t question. I can understand having a News channel where it was clear it was opinion, but people regard these things as fact. They go for current events and to be informed not told what to think.

Reviews however, are completely biased. They are a telling of one’s inner self. And they directly reflect the thoughts of the reviewer. That’s part of what people don’t understand. Bias is to be embraced in reviews. We learn from those other perspectives and are entertained by them. Bias is a word a lot of people associate with evil itself. So, when I say it should be embraced in reviews I will be ostracized. These people simply don’t understand the fundamentals of what a review is, and others simply want to be in a safe space.


4 thoughts on “Bias Should Be Embraced

  1. Loved that article, but – and I don’t think this matters or that it impacts the article at all, I shouldn’t have even said “but” – it has a few misspellings.

    Particularly “I just said what I though and left it open for debate.”, “echo champer”, “and if they’re argument is completely illogical”, and I think there was one more, but I can’t find it. Just so you know.

    Do delete this comment after reading it, as it’s worthless and only serves to inform you personally that there are these little meaningless issues.

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      1. So, I woke up this morning and thought: “Hey, let’s get randomly angry on Reddit to wake myself up”, and coincidentally, there was a stupid argument last night on /r/Digibro. So, I began writing more about it:

        As I wrote, I wanted to know if Digi made more videos about objectivity, so I typed into the Youtube search bar “Digibro objectivity”, scrolled a bit, and this: was the fifth video. Only two views. So I thought: “Hey, I like getting different perspectives on a subject I passionately agree with AND I love rants. This might be fun.” And it was. So I started reading your blog and am planning to continue. I very much enjoy your posts as they reinforce my opinions and I feel fallaciously validated.

        They are also pretty well put and this past week I had a lot of conversations about how to improve my writing. I think I can learn more from someone starting that’s closer to me than cry over how successful do everything right. So, thanks!

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  2. That’s an insane turn of events to find someone! I never thought my posts would be found based on looking up someone I heavily look up to. Yeah I was reading the same conversation on Digi’s subreddit. I will say, I got pretty mad as well. I just didn’t participate in the argument because I’m a lazy cuck lol. I’m really glad you like my writing. I’m very hard on myself with it because I want to be as good as Digi or Jesse. I just gotta put the time in, and interacting with someone who is also just starting is very therapeutic if that makes any sense. It’s also really great that my blog has finally gotten a comment! If you have a channel or blog just link me. Also if you’re ever in the PCP Fan chat drop me a line. My name is OutlawHarvest in that chat.


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