Halloween 2016.

I’ve always had interesting, fun, and somewhat low budget experiences with Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a night celebrating horror and monsters. If you know me, you know I love things like that. Anything spooky, gore-y, grind-y, or just plain satanic. It gives me an excuse to binge on horror movies and listen to horror punk. Along with decorating with scary imagery being one of my favorite things. I think the overall aesthetic of Halloween is just fun. However, this year I spent Halloween as if it were any other day.

I’ve had a lot of work to do in terms of content. Any free time i get I try to relegate to making more stuff. When I’m not doing that I’m procrastinating and just staying by myself. Lately, I’ve been trying to gain that extra bit of productivity to get me back into the groove. I love doing this it just takes a lot of effort, and I needed to catch up. I’ve had tons of videos on the back burner thanks to my irresponsibility. Then like a madman I do all the work I was missing for months in one day. Looked through ideas, worked out blog posts, and researched. My Halloween was spent being alone not doing much horror.

I ate candy sure, but I didn’t go out and get candy. I know what you’re thinking ahhh he’s too grown to Trick or Treat. Well screw you a hole. It’s my life I can do whatever I want with it. Trick or Treating makes me happy, and I’m proud of who I am. Plus it gives the time to spend with family which is always great when I’m charged up. Alas, this year I stayed home working on content. I don’t regret it. I’m getting far more done then usual, and my self esteem is much better because of it. The difference in my work I think lies in this circumstance though that I find incredibly interesting.

I was listening to the October 31st addition of the “Digibro’s Decompression” podcast where I learned something. If I just eat while I work I can get far more done. He talked about it in the context of drinking, but the pleasure of eating works. That combined with the fact I was in a mad rush, a wake procrastination wake up call that I was in far more productivity. The day also let me have time to alone while family was out giving me some good quiet.

I’m glad I spent this Halloween so far the way I did. To me, everyday is Halloween with less magic. People are already scared of me at times, I love horror all year long, and candy is one f the few things that keeps me sane. I’m hoping to adopt more grind house and death metal sorts of imagery around my room. It’ll take sometime though. Posters are hugely expensive. Money doesn’t grow on trees folks.

Aside from the work I did, there’s still an hour left of Halloween. I’ve already listened to Misfits throughout the day. Time to play some Resident Evil! As for horror movies, I’ll look on TV at 2am to 3am. Sure, it’s not Halloween anymore by then, but I count the time at night after Halloween Halloween. So, there’s still time for to get festive. There was just no Trick or Twat. That’s fine. I couldn’t afford a costume nor do I have the skill or drive to make one. Costume stores are terrible anyway. And I don’t have to deal with people going “oh you’re too old to trick or treat”. Bitch go get a dick (or pussy depending).

I think I just put too much emphasis on getting that Halloween spirit. It feels odd to not be out. Even if I don’t always like being on Halloween sometimes due to intolerable people. It’s something I’m not used to, but I made the right decision to work on content. After a few more hours, it’s time to do some horror. I still get that Halloween crack. Just not all day. Maybe I only need it in moderation anyway.


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