Attitude and Influence

Throughout our lives we have many external factors that attribute to who we are. Without thinking heavily, experiencing things the way you did, hearing, and observing what you see there would not be much to influence us. Our attitudes are made entirely of our upbringing and of the experiences\observations that come in our lives. It’s true to you as much as the next guy. We all have our own narrative, but what I find incredibly interesting is exploring and reading into that narrative. Gaping within the confines of our inner self can teach us not only about who we are but about who we all are. Objectively, we do not have free will. Everything that happens to us happens because it was gonna happen. External motives, outside interaction, karma, the validity of circumstance, etc. So, it makes this idea of influence on attitude all that more powerful.

Ostensibly, most people don’t reflect their past. They just keep charging forward often running into the same problems. It’s not just intellectually relevant. It’s germane to the fact that our past teaches us. It has meaning to who we are especially our mistakes. If we forget every mistake, we’ll more then likely repeat them. As someone who puts so much emphasis on trying to be productive, taking something from every experience is a fucking godsend. I try restlessly to be foster a goal to continue growing. Don’t be in the same place forever. No one should be in that situation. I’ve seen it first hand.

We don’t always see our past lucidly. Little things can have influence on us where we completely unaware. Not every element of our past is unambiguous. There’s only so much that is cogent while still being tangible. We can’t explain to ourselves or there are so many subjective interpretations we look too deeply. You get into the territory of huh? What? When? By that time, it’s best to go do something else with your life. There’s only so much you can take away from one given situation. Only an idiot would get so analytical to the point it’s just down right illogical. That’s not analysis that’s pretentious.

Media can change us in very special ways that life sometimes can’t with how much time we have and how we spend so much of it. Media is an outlet for everyone. Anyone can make Art and anyone can write down something they have to say. One could live as a hermit like myself and know everything thanks to the vast amount of media and the advent of the Internet. Our millennials are the most educated generation thanks to the prominence of all this stuff either educational, philosophical, thematic, or just entertaining. With all this educational and factual content we’re able to research and learn anything. We have access to all School and College knowledge. It’s like the ideal dream of Aristotelian Greece. Where the central focus is on learning and growing our intellect. All of this for free. That’s an amazing powerful the informational era of the Internet has given us.

What media teaches us however, is more then what’s laid upon the table for all to see. You see, all the education fodder is great, but just watching TV teaches a bit. A lot of words I know and a lot of my attitude comes from seeing people on TV. Hell, I learned social skills from listening to podcasts. There are smaller things larger then factual education being sought through media. In 6th grade I solved a lot of math based on things I knew from TV, comics, and the radio. This cultural appropriation made me relate to the way the Teacher spoke. This helped me further understand each lesson with the culture coming into play with the logic of every problem.

If you look at any creative person they always give a frame of reference for their creation. Hayao Maizaki has said many times in the past how much he wishes Anime creators would make animations based on life instead of other Anime. It goes to show there a wide variety of influences. You can be influenced in your life by everything imaginable and your Art is representation of that exact same idea. You make a comic about giant robots? Probably  influenced by Gundam. It has elements of western in it gun play and eastern sword play? Influenced by Star Wars. It has a strong comedy, stoner vibe as well? Regular Show. These influences make Art what is. Life or no life involved.

We can’t get away from our influences. They represent every fiber of our being. They build us and they can either keep us going or be our demise. Remember you don’t really have a choice do you?



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