Put In The Effort

I’ve had a lot of projects where I completely half assed it right in the later parts. I was even more inexperienced than now, and I had no idea what I was doing. This occurred especially when editing videos, but it has definitely creep-ed on on very other aspect of my passion. I had no idea how to use my tools, and I didn’t know how to do anything as established. It felt as if my only answer was to take the easy way out but that wasn’t satisfying, and it didn’t reap a good product.

Now, that isn’t to say you can’t put in effort and make something bad. You can put in all your effort in the world and it can suck. When you start out you may have enough drive to where it doesn’t matter you work incredibly hard. You’ll fall down in the beginning, but the getting back up shows you have heart. This is all based on what happened as I begun. When I gave up, it felt bad. There were absolutely no affirming qualities to anything i made. I knew I could have been doing better because of this I just felt terrible about everything i made. At one point, I even thought i didn’t like to do this. Little did I know it was just because of the way i did things. It was a waste of time. If i couldn’t fulfill my ambitions to their fullest extent why do what i was doing at all?

It’s not fun to half ass something. Sure, it get done quicker, but there’s no real satisfaction. If I spent 75percent of the hours I should on a project why did I stop at 75? It feels gross and lazy. Whereas, after I finished a project in full with no bugs it feels amazing. I worked hard and that gives me an unbelievable since of pride. I can sit there and say proudly i made this, and people respond well to the work. Nothing in life is easy. I’d rather put in the effort and have everything be hard than live a life of mediocrity. I feel depressed after half assing something I know I could do better, but I feel like God when doing something to my full power without any hesitation.

Even subtle things that no one cares about I need to put in. I appreciate subtle things going into a video, and my rule is to make things that I would be impressed with or at the very least would watch. Even with blog posts which I mainly consider practice I always try to apply this to them in some way. I’m someone who will stress over every detail, and it’s great to see it all come together. If you make a great work all the effort is worth it. If you can appreciate you work all the effort is worth it. Create Art for you. You answer to no one.

At your job you have to put in effort to get that raise. If you hate your job, fine. But if you want to succeed and not get fired you have to excel. Excelling would mean a pay raise. A pay raise would mean better living and the next step to eventually doing what you want because it’s all up to you. Live an enjoyable life because it’s a short one. You only have so much time. Enjoyment requires effort. I realize there are days you want wanna do anything which is understandable. We all have those dog days, but it’s most important to get up outta that bed every time. Keep on grinding but keep the grind from grinding you.

Without the context of work or Art in general effort should be placed. If you’re reading an article put in the effort to analyze it. Don’t just blindly read or watch something. Take an active part in what you’re doing. It makes you feel more confident in this lucid state. Analyzing a show can give you the most enjoyment out of it and make you feel smarter. Don’t just mope around your life. Question it. Think about all of it. Place forth more effort in everything everyday. It’s the most rewarding thing you can do.

I know it may seem scary. Work is work, but you shouldn’t treat it as such. Treat as a means to get to a goal to continue growing where hard work is involved. You’ll get no one without that hard work. It’s essential to the well being and pleasure in one’s life. It’s all hard to do. But if everything  was easy it wouldn’t feel genuine. It wouldn’t feel cathartic. We would have nothing to brag about or be rewarded for. We’d just do the same easy thing as easy as the rest that everyone else is doing easily.

Things can be a little tougher at first, but the gain far outweighs the pain. If you put a bit more effort in your life, life will start leaning a bit more towards your side. Even then, with the effort placed you can make it. Never slow yourself even when it hurts.


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