The Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury REVIEW QUICKIE

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen the Riddick films with Vin Diesel. They look fun, but I never had the time to sit down and watch them. This straight to video release however, is pretty easy to understand. It’s a simply concept and is mostly here to look cool. I’m more interested in this release simply because the animation looks so damn cool. It’s trippy to watch and has some great action scenes. It’s nice to sit down and see a grounded action cartoon every now and then especially with me having a thirst for action cartons as of late. I’m actually pretty surprised this is animated at all as it could have just been a segment in one of the films.

Ostensibly, Dark Fury seems like something with no real point which you’d be partly correct. It’s a simple one off. It tells you a few things that happen between two of the films. The crew gets captured into a bigger ship and they have to fight their way out. There’s not much to the story. It’s more of an employable watch based on it’s other factors. The action, atmosphere, and the sheer bad asssery of it all.

What really carries this one for me is the dark bruiting atmosphere. The combination of 3D and 3D in this dark environment look amazing together. It was directed by Peter Chung of Eon Flux fame. Everything has a dynamic look to it. It looks so absurd yet it flows so wonderfully. To quote another reviewer, it just feels organic. The way everything moves feels like a trip, but it all feels kinda real too. Everything has a very dark depressive tone to it contrasting the peril that our main cast in. It’s a scary looking ship with some equally scary monsters and there some twisted moments here.

The fight scenes are some of most bad ass things I’ve seen put to animation in awhile. All the fights are grounded. It’s not in the air or something insane, but it’s more like a boxing match at least for the ending fight. The early fight with this neon color enemy was simply beautiful. Every fight felt special with some serious action that made me wanna jump out of my seat. You can almost feel every blow. It’s a testosterone filled acid trip.

It’s 33 minutes long and there’s not much to it besides the animation significance. If you’re a big fan of action and cartoons watch it. If you’re a big fan of eon flux definitely watch it. I’m sure fans of Riddick would love just as much as me if not more the me. Even without needing context, I wanna go watch the Riddick films now. I know I won’t get nearly thing as this, but the characters themselves were very incising. Riddick came off as bad ass and mysterious and there was a cliff another one of the characters. It’s a great cartoon if you just wanna see some balls to the wall action. The Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury is incredibly fun to watch overall.


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