Not Writing A Word In Your Coment

With all this talk about the election I’m the only guy you can go to for the REAL issues. And that is my friends, not typing a word in your comment. If you type really fast on the Internet like me. You’ve probably missed a word before. Sometimes it isn’t that bad. Usually people can understand it, but in the wrong sentence it can be detrimental. It decide whether day is good or bad It can ruin friendships, and it can make people confused.

I’ve been a fast type writer that’s just who I am. I come up with ideas in my mid, realize I can’t say them, write about them , and then misspell of bunch of words because my brain is flooding the paper with an a constant Flo of HUNDREDS of ideas. So many ideas and ways to put them all I can do is type a bunch as they come and look over it later. In that setting, sure I can misspell or leave out words and it’s A-OK. But what about in conversation?

I’ve had far too many RUINED by not typing a simple word. Sure, a reasonable person gets it afterwards, but it makes awkward and dumb and leaves a sour taste in your month and inspires you to complain in a cohesive written essay…… Too much stuff!

Even if I explain myself it isn’t enough for some people. The idea that I didn’t type a word is too alien for their tiny mind. Their complete lack of empathy forces them to hate me. All for making one tiny mistake. Who needs em”! If you’re gonna get upset over me misspelling or not typing a word when I meant to, you obviously don’t deserve an opinion or to be associated with me. I’m people not a peasant for you to berate with rocks over some trivial miscommunication.

And what’s the solution to this problem my children, read back every comment you type. You’ll look mean, stupid, or just not make any sense. The only silver lining is getting rid of the idiots. It’s not worth it read everything you write. In general, that’s a good idea. Everything you publish should be looked over. Comments are no different.


2 thoughts on “Not Writing A Word In Your Coment

  1. But that takes too much time and effort.

    I do get way too worried about misspellings and mistyping when I write, but by far the worst thing is to know I will never be comprehensible enough. Not even to me in a week; everything I ever write is just messy and doesn’t make sense.
    For instance, I wrote a thing about Haruhi Suzumiya today (selfish plug:, I read it four times and it seemed good enough, but I know that I’ll delete it after a month, because it will just sound awful to me and make no sense anymore.
    I spend most of the time these days trying to find misspellings in my translation of Monogatari, but no matter how many times I read it, I always find a grammatical error, a sentence that doesn’t make sense, or a way to make it better.
    It’s an endless struggle and most people probably can’t ensure to write everything right. But I guess it’s better to struggle than do nothing.

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    1. I don’t know why I only just now got an Email about this. I read the Haruhi article. It’s definitely some beginner tier stuff, but I do appreciate the passion behind it. It reminds me a lot of old Digibro posts.
      Anyway your comment, correcting every little grammar detail I could care less about (as shown by many of these posts). I was mainly talking about the silly instance or weird moments that can happen when leaving a word out. Sometimes a word being left out be detrimental to a point being made. Glossing over the work quickly usually finds such errors. More grammatical stuff? Eh fuck it.


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