Humble? (Joke Post)

I always tried to read my work in my favorite creator’s voice as it was being written. I couldn’t stomach the idea that I’m improving or that what I’m doing was good. I had to reaffirm my work by pretending it needed some bigger creator in my mind’s approval. I couldn’t compare myself to those I looked up to because they’re all powerful Godlike figures atop Mountain High Hrothgar.

The only voice my work should be spoken in is mine because I’m fucking awesome. I may be on a lower level, but I’m gonna climb that at full speed to push the greats off their pedestal to crown a new king that everyone will love. As King, I shall bring joy into the lives of joy into the lives of shalt pass me. I will e the God weaving Art to calm the spirits of my people.

Being Humble is what was holding me back all these years. Humblity (a word I made up) made me believe what I am and what I do will never mean as much to someone as what I was inspired by. It forced me to believe I’d always be a terrible person not worthy of the ground I walk on. What kind of life is that? Always feeling as you’re nothing? Fuck that.

10 years from now I’ll be laughing at all of you as I collect my check. Even if that day never comes (which it will), I get all the respect I need from my self. As a writer, that makes me want nothing more than to keep climbing. For all I care, in 10 years when that mountain climbed you may not worship me, but I’ve got a mirror. Review me as you see fit, but it doesn’t make you right. If I’ve proven myself I’m on on top of the world, your opinion doesn’t matter.

All being Humble is to me is depressing myself and holding me back. I knew it all was a lie. I refuse to hide my inner self. There’s only so much I can change, but I’m not gonna change my arrogance. It’s part of who I am. It feels good to finally come to terms with that. I work everyday on content creation with no hesitation. All you try hard “humble” people don’t the strength to take your passion from the pig pin wallowing in shit. To the Green Pastures Gods like I walk upon.

I’m not perfect yet but I’m still perfect. Striving to be even to be the best I can be. If you can’t compare yourself to the greats upon their mountainous thrown, then how the hell do you expect to leave the other peasants in their filth? World get your ass puckered because you’re about to be fucked by a genius (in about 10 years from now).


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