Make Stuff

I can’t tell how much it means to me to have more stuff in the world. Everywhere I look there’s too much of it, and I want more. The more people we rally to start up creativity the more a wide range of stuff we have to choose from, and I can’t get enough of it all. I love seeing when a creator has a prolific back round to explore. I love seeing just how many creators there are for a certain genre. I demand more people make something in any medium. Express their ideas and make someone happy. The more the merrier!

You see, a lot of the media that’s created there’s a lot of bad within it. Sturgeon’s law 90% of everything is crap. With this in mind, the more creator’s means ultimately more crap. But it means more good too. Everyone has different tastes with developing tastes that haven’t even been scoped yet. It’s good to have options. Options galore these days. But I want more. If 1000 people were to start today and 10% were good. I just got 100.

There’s so many fields of creativity anyone could pick it up. If you don’t like film making try writing Don’t like that? Maybe drawing. If all else fails try out vlogs or podcasts. Maybe edit for someone else. Music? There’s all kinds of creative fields for all kinds of people. It only gives you something fun to do in your life, but it can help others. Creativity is just a fun thing to explore.

Imagine if there’s someone out there you can reach who’s going through depression. Art has often been cited to help people through their tough times. It certainly has helped me. The fact that you could be life affirming to someone eventually is as good as any reason to start.

It helps you think too. Let’s you’re needing to work on a project for School. You have no idea what to do, and to get your mind off it you write or draw. This can help you get into a more happy mood all while growing your intelligence. Once you get back to the grind you’ll be as bright as day.

My warning however. If you don’t eventually enjoy being creative than don’t do it. Not everything is for everyone. If you don’t eventually have fun it’s best to get another hobby. Don’t be over critical of yourself in the beginning. I’m not. This isn’t some gospel of an Article, but I’m still gonna publish this. Write down every idea. Publish everything regret it later. Even if it’s not interesting.

I call upon you to make stuff. If I can 100 people to start today than we could get 3 geniuses out of that 100. Even if I don’t perceive them as a genius someone else might. I love consuming media, and it’s exciting just to hear the sheer amount of media we get. If i only get 1 person to start then at least I got 1.


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