Embracing Influence

I’ve felt it was important for you to be YOU or for me to be me. To be honest with yourself and with others on everything. Where you came from is no different. I’ve already written about how influence effects our attitude, but I want you to know that you should embrace that influence. Take quotes from something and turn into your own. Pay homage. In the behind the scenes explicitly tell what influenced you. Maybe your viewers didn’t know about the work you mentioned. They go find said work and it only further explains the narrative of your work. It’s interesting and helpful. Embrace influence. Embrace difference.

Influences generally help us. If you’ve never read a book. You go out and say I’m going to write a book. That’s not how it works. The act of reading a book and understanding it is what makes you want to write one. The effect that book had on you was so strong you just had to make something and that’s powerful. This idea that any influence is a sin is illogical because we need to be influenced in order to know what writing is in the first place.

If you’re influenced by someone don’t squander it. The fact that another creator’s work has enough renascence on you to want to make an entirely new work only makes you more special and intimate in your work. A creative inspiration is an inspiration. Other Artists like anything else in life serve a purpose to give you more things to make.

It doesn’t hurt to take a few tricks from another Artist. The entire idea of Post Modern Art is just taking one idea and combining with another. When Post Modern Art is done well it can create a truly unique experience from the two. Neon Genesis Evangelion being one of the highest exemplifications of said Art form. Arguably, that show did have a lot of original things going for it, but one of the main attracting and unique factors was how much old stuff it took to make something new.

It’s important for creators to relate to one another on some level. If I inspire you I want you to know I was inspired by someone else. That way you can not only trace the lineage of my work, but you can also learn what you feel isn’t that odd. I’ve been influenced by tons of people to whom of which always expressed their true influence. Most. There are some you have to pick apart just by being a cultured guy. That can make a work all that more cathartic on an entirely different level.

We often have this idea as Artists that anything derivative of another work is a sin. Everything has to be original. But is that even possible anymore? There may be ideas I haven’t scoped yet, and I’m certainly not going to limit you. But you can’t have everything be a knock out super OG success. Most people come to a work because they like the details of it and the execution. It’s very rarely “oh I a ton of original ideas’. It’s usually things like “this show has the exact same plot as this one, but it’s characters are so griping”.

It’s just fun to take something old and make something new out of it. Take a combination of ideas and add in you’re personalty. Or take an old style and spice it up a bit. As a creative it’s just cool. It breaks up the monotony when you try so many experiments. Don’t be afraid to get those hands dirty.

More specific influence can be a lot different then just general stuff. As long as you’re not completely ripping someone off it’s fine. Make your thing. We all have influences in our lives that make us who we are. Why does our writing have to be different?


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