I never wanted to get into exercising. I always saw it as a waste of time normal people do because they don’t sit around and think all day like I do. I knew there were certain health benefits, but I just didn’t care. As long as I live as happily as possible I can die when I’m 50. It seemed irrelevant to what I thought would make me happy. It was an extra thing to do when I could easily be writing or making videos. A burden of which I never wanted to speak of and brought nothing of importance to the table. Boy was I wrong!

Everything I do is more or less connected to a computer chair. I write here, I edit here, I watch TV here, and I do School here. There’s never much emphasis on leaving said chair. When my parents go out I’m more then happy to yell into my camera or enjoy the quiet. All I need is in my room. I don’t get up much. I’ve been told by Doctors to be active, but I’m always making masterpieces or being forced to School.

The newfound idea to exercise came from listening to a podcast. The guy on there said how great it made him feel. Like he was on top of everything. It was one two punch going back and listening to another podcast about not procrastinating. If your mind feels stale go out and walk. I don’t tend to get writer’s block ever, but earlier today I just wasn’t feeling it.

I was watching OutlawStar trying to find a way to write about it when my brain just felt off. I hadn’t left my chair and I had been eating tons of crappy food causing my stomach to battle with itself. My brain felt like utter crap. I couldn’t analyze the show or even pay attention. All i could do was sit there and think “wow this is depressing”. I then remembered the words of encouragement and advice for exercise. I then went to the largest room in the house to do some sit ups, push ups, crunches, jumping jack offs, etc.

I quickly learned this is amazing. I felt as if I was an all powerful God smiting away at the lowly plebeians that dare cross my omniscient gaze. In short I felt great. It was then I realized I HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN. I AM A GOD!!! I’ve worked out a plan to get some weights. And best part I got what I wanted on the beginning. I couldn’t even think because unhealthy and depressed I felt. Now, I could write anything far better than before. Go out and exercise kids. It certainly will clear that mind.


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