Words Are Words

When I was young I was kinda forced into thinking the same “swears are bad” rhetoric everyone else does that age. Even though I was commonly exposed to it and had no desire to use such words for awhile I was constantly thrown at  with the”don’t swear!” policy. Of course, all that did was make want to eventually use these words. But no matter how old I was I always knew there was nothing wrong with swears. They convey a meaning just as any other word and a strong, important one at that. They’re not only fun to say, but they relieve stress on a stressful situation. They’re great words. Different words carry different meanings. All words are what they are words.

It’s immature and ridiculous for one to say swears are bad. I have no idea where this pussy SJW logic to keep Kid’s away from words came from. Pretty hypocritical for those exact same parents to always spew learning vocabulary when they’re hiding words from a growing mind. If I cussed by a kid all I’m doing is making them smarter. So what if they use it in School? They get in trouble? Who the fuck cares? It’s School. School is not only one of the most useless wastes of time and money on the planet, but it also carries Teachers that they think they know how to raise your Children. They want to force their agenda and moral compass on your Child when you or the Child may not agree with it. Fuck that. Home school the damn kid.

Notice how i just used “the damn kid” and “fuck that”. It gives the impression to the reader that I mean what I’m saying confidently and with very strong emotions. Now let’s look at the another way to say it. “Don’t do that,” “Home School the kid.”. Anything feel different? It’s not serious business anymore or anywhere nearly as confident. It’s just some weirdo complaining. We all need those words that REALLY force the point home. Substituting just doesn’t cut when the Artist has to convey just the right emotion.

In my writing, I try not to use a lot of the same words over and over. I condense it when I see I can, and I use the most expressive, dense, and correct words to say what I wanna say. If i was to say “I hate this show” instead “fuck this show” that;s one more word I have use. It also feels less expressive. Saying fuck something feels like serious business because that’s the kind of expression that word is known for. It’s the right word for the right context. I refuse to change my writing just to appease some over protective parents.

It boggles my mind anyone even complains about swears. They don’t make you less attractive, they don’t make you dumb (unless you use them wrong as with any word), and they aren’t immature. Using a word in an interesting or expressive way is not only intelligent , but it’s uncompromising too. It’s a very stand up and respectable thing to do to make your Art your way even if you lose a few heads. In the end, you made what you wanted. In writing, swears are the same way. Same with Youtube and the whole demonetization thing. We lose money and viewers, but we made what we wanted.

Besides, I doubt the people who get upset over a word are mature enough to be reading or watching your work anyway. I wouldn’t want worthless wastes of space like that consuming my stuff. Even if I get money. Getting offended over fuck or shit is exactly the same as getting offended by the word “word”. It’s a word get over over it you sub human fifth. But what if kids see you? Again, the kind of kids who would read or watch my stuff wouldn’t be offended by a simple word.

It feels cathartic when you swear. I was on a roller coaster once fearing for my life and I sweared all the way through around children. It felt good. I would have been scared all through that ride if I hadn’t been screaming. I could have had a heart attack from the sheer amount of anxiety, but i put that anxiety into yelling out words which provided a sense of uncanny comfort. Whenever I’m mad or happy it provides an unbelievable sense of catharsis anyway because swear words are great expressive words.

We shouldn’t hide from the English language. We should grow as people and be mature. We should value the words we have and use them when need be. It’s healthy to have a conversation. There more important things that need attention. Hiding from our language isn’t one of them. Educate yourself on vocabulary and how it’s used. If you think your child shouldn’t be exposed to swears you’re doing a disservice to both your intellect and your child’s. It’s disrespectful to your blood that you take them for the most idiotic swine that they’d be too dumb to understand A WORD. Rethink your life or kindly kill yourself.


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