Adventures In Pokemon Blue

I’ve been playing disgusting amounts of Pokemon Blue as of late. What can I say? The hype train for Son\Moon has gotten to me. So, why not revisit the game that it all? I’ll admit , I never understood Pokemon as a little kid. RPGs were a land far beyond. I didn’t read anything (which was integral to the experience), and I was dumb. That always helps. That’s why I was so sour towards the series. I didn’t know how to play therefore, I thought it was bad. That disdain for the series lingered on for a long time. I had somewhat enjoyed the Anime growing up. Later on (still a lil kid) I hated it. It felt formulaic. I didn’t see the appeal which made me a bit of an outsider. If you were alive at the time it was a phenomenon These days I think it’s cute and fun.

When I went to play Blue again I was scared. I thought I’d be wasting my time with a nostalgic bad game. BUT NO!  I was immediately immersed, I started grinding my fire type, I kept talking to everyone, explored, and just had a groovy time catchin’ em’ all. This is all partly due to watching Let’s Plays of Pokemon White as well. Seeing the fans the fans so enthusiastic really rubbed off on me.

The Game Boy Color screen wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered. In fact, I really liked that aspect of my play through. It’s nice not not having an LCD Screen blaring in my face. I can play longer and it’s nostalgic. I didn’t have any trouble finding light too. It’s definitely anywhere near as reflective as made out to be. The GBC is the ideal Pokemon Machine. Besides the SP of course. The DS games can’t compare to how masterfully simple simple this scheme and setup is.

I was dropped into this world optimistic. Hearing the music was a bit scary. Memories of hearing it on loop while walking aimlessly confused. I didn’t want memories to cloud me or for LP’ers to over hype me. I was instantly thrilled when I started. I walked around town until I was finally given my Pokemon. From there on, I was completely floored. I had spent 4 straight hours without even knowing. It was as if I was in that world. My only care that day was to become a Pokemon Master. And eat Turkey later.

I started with Charmander since it can blow away water type, bog type, etc. It also looks really cool. I currently have him evolved into the 3rd evolution, a Charizard at level 42. It was exciting to see him grow as any Pokemon Trainer would feel. I picked up some PokeBalls from one of the shops and a caught a few Pokemon later on. Although I ran into the problem of having my Charizard over developed. I focused far too much time on upgrading him with little emphasis on upgrading everyone else. This caused me to be so over powered that I killed each Pokemon in one hit. I couldn’t catch any of them because they died, and I couldn’t use my others because they’d die immediately. Their attacks barely did anything to these enemies. Certainly not enough for me to capture one. Later on, I started grinding with my lower level balls to fix this issue. You receive XP just by throwing one into battle for a few seconds. I caught a Rock Pokemon whose only ability was to harden for Defense. He had no attach which is gay. So, I named him Gay. Now, every time he goes into Battle my character yells “GO! GAY!”.

Grinding feels really good in this game as it should with any RPG. The only thing that bothered me was the music playing back , but I can easily turn it off. You’re going to have to grind a lot if you wanna be ahead in the game. When I got to later Gym Leaders, I spanked em’ because I was so upgraded. With the first Gym Leader there was a lot of suspense. I was a low level player getting a hold on the game, and yes I did win. Man, it was cathartic. It depends on what you’re looking to the game for on whether or not you grind a lot. I like plowing through enemies to get more stuff and move on. I like to stop and smell the roses. I love the battles, but I’m not a battle centered guy. I play akin to that need. That’s one of the great things about Pokemon. You determine how you game this world. It’s no where near as dense as other RPGs, but it’s still interactive, strategic, and fun. The combination of simplicity and interactivity are great.

The Pokemon series in general have a really cool aesthetic. Each new series brings something new and interesting to the table. Although if I was to rate my favorite it would probably be the GB\GBC era. The games 8bit, appealing, and simple. Yet they offer such big worlds to explore. The 8bit games give off a cool vibe unlike anything else. The character designs are instantly memorable. Everyone knows these characters. I could any random joe about Pokemon and they’d describe how Pikachu looks.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in caves. One of which was absolutely important to my progression after running around confused. I was at a dead end. A sleeping Pokemon blocked my path. So, I remained capturing and grinding close to the city until I found my way to the Gym. I had thought the Gym was blocked off, but I found my way around. After winning I was able to CUT on those pesky bushes that the game constantly abrades you with. I quickly found my way to a rock tunnel I needed to get to in order to progress. I needed light to see in the Rock Tunnel to the next town, but I had no idea how to find it. I then took a leap of faith. I went into that gigantic maze like cave and wandered. I fought many battles all while being scared outta my mind. The Tunnel was so big and dark. I couldn’t possibly navigate what with multiple floors and impaired vision. I kept trekking on, fought, stumbled, and went down each ladder. There were trainers everywhere and I had no idea when they’d come. The stakes were high. I hadn’t saved prior. I had to progress. When I finally made it out it was one of the most rewarding parts in my playthrough.

Overall, I’m glad to have been so excited by this game. Pokemon Blue is a great immersive experience and a great time killer.  I can’t wait to further explore the franchise. I’m at 6 hours an 41 minutes played, and I can easily see myself going another 20. I’ll eventually let’s play this game and by the time I’m good enough a Nuzlocke. I’ll be blogging this game as I progress.


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