Devil Hunter Yohko Ep. 4: An OVA of AMVs

Episode 4 of Devil Hunter Yohko is a complete tonal shift compared to everything else in the series. We’ve been given lots of action and 90’s style fan service, and that didn’t show any sign of stopping. Episode 4 however presents us with something akin to a clip show episode or maybe AMV Hell. The OVA forgoes the narrative in favor of this surprise. This change in style is why this my single favorite episode in the 6 episode series.

There had been some huge animation pieces all leading up to this point, and lots of poppy guest singers on it’s soundtrack. This episode was probably made to alleviate any financial trouble the company was having with the series. There’s only a few new bits of animation and even then they’re reused. Everything is taken from earlier episodes to cut costs even resulting in LIVE ACTION FOOTAGE being played. Excuse me, what the fuck does this series have to do with reality? Yeah it doesn’t even feature characters from the show just the singers themselves. I gotta say, the live music videos and new bits of animation give this OVA a lot of character. It’s changing things up.

It just blows my mind that an actual anime studio would make AMVs and sell them to people (with music used in the show). Don’t get me wrong I love it. The footage syncs up incredibly well, and I love every minute of the soundtrack. Instead of doing a shitty clip show episode recapping everything, they took key moments from the show and put music that were about those same things over it. It’s genius really. They could have easily went the cheap route, but instead I got an episode I’ll go back to over and over. Even the simplest things can be made a favorite by a creative tweak.


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