The Hardest Part!

I love talking about how it is making content and how far I’ve came in my work ethic, but the most difficult part of that work process may surprise you. I used to think it was editing or sometimes even writing, but over time those things come into place when the answer is just do it. From then on it’s just a process of moving ahead with each craft. Those thing change and get quicker, better as I go on. But there’s one thing that will always remain the same throughout the rest of time, watching TV.

I may sound like a maniac right? Watching TV should be a benefit of having YouTube as a passion. I agree to that, but it’s underestimated just how difficult this can be and it’s not like playing a game where I’m already making the video as soon as I pickup a controller.

With I have to sample everything (sometimes multiple times) because I never know what’ll give me an idea. Moreover, the prospect of something worth talking about is infinite within most stages of the watching process. Therefore, I have to watch the entire fucking show till the end in case that one scene worth talking about happens or I suddenly get an idea. No analysis yet? Well, I guess I should rewatch it for good measure. I mean the best concepts come from rewatching, and since your eye is trained to know every plot point at the drop of a dime by now you can focus your energy more on meta and theme-ing.

This a big problem. Do you know how many anime come out each season? How many old shows there are in my backlog or favorites I have guaranteed ideas from but will get me no views? I only have so much time. I want my content out weekly with a hefty editing process to boot. It’s a game of balancing both consistency and quality.

I’ve since developed the important acquisition of analyzing a show quickly through attentive behavior, but how do I know what I’ll be thinking in the future? I simply don’t. Going by this logic, why I am not watching everything 20 times? 2 is the golden number. Most things I find important are on the second rewatch after seeing it once and researching/reading reviews.

I cannot simply talk about the show without any interesting ideas. That won’t defeat my entire philosophy. I may be the best writer, but I will never be a consumer reviewer. I want interesting ideas, creative techniques, experimentation, production value, and personality to be the draw to my content, If I was the same as every other maligned half assed youtuber, I wouldn’t be producing work I’m proud of.

With so many shows to watch, how long each one is, whether or not it will be interesting, rewatching, etc and doing this as a simple passion it’s no wonder watching the shows is the hardest part. I’d give my left nut to have the knowledge of every show and go right into the nitty gritty of video making right at the start, but that’s simply not possible. Besides, even with certain obstacles I’ll always love Television (why hell would I have that channel otherwise). Any artistic passion has it’s challenges and even it’s lows, but part of growing up is to work past such challenges to produce work you can be proud of.


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