Could I Do a Big Video Every Week Without Going Insane?

I indefinitely subscribe to the idea that YouTube is the greatest passion and/or job for the kind of person I am. I love both challenging myself and seeking improvement. I’ve had my days where I did some offshoot spontaneous irreverent bullshit, and I consider that great content as well because of the passion put into it and the quality taken out of it. But I have to ask myself, if I was to do a giant high quality video every week would I go insane? I probably would, but not for the common answer.

Defining a video as “big” or a “masterpiece” or even “my most important work” while it’s being made is incredibly counter productive. I like to plan things out and fulfill that plan to the best I can, but nothing is exactly the same as your initial vision. Perfection is a fruitless effort, a fool’s errand only to leave you with less self confidence than ever before because you can’t get one tiny detail only you noticed after redoing it 50 times. Putting in a lot of effort is a great thing. I love and appreciate when an artist goes all out, but there’s a clear difference in that perfection. Your idea of what’s perfect is simply a construct in your head. An additional cherry on top that is simply impossible to be brought to reality, little details that are not meant to fess over.

Instead of hounding yourself over these minor increments in what is probably already a detailed narrative (if you’re this self conscious) just get it done. No label or construct can deny you got something done. Unlike Perfection getting something done is absolutely possible for everyone.

Now, what the hell does any of this have to do with big videos? The term “big video” like perfection is simply a construct. 30 minutes long but the idea you have only serves enough space for 6? Well shit, are you gonna add filler and change what was fundamentally a good video? Instead I’d much rather ruminate on the project’s idea and begin working until I finish it with the requisite effort put in. Labels like big video complicate things when I’m just focused on making good art every week.

I could never do a series especially if said series needed such a strong label. I move from concept to concept, interesting idea to interesting idea. It has to be different every time or else I’m not enjoying myself.


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