The Hunt For Koume-Chan Ga Iku (In English)

I’ve recently discovered the series of 12, 4 minute episodes, Koume-chan ga Iku which appearently had Headeki Anno as the director. For something with Anno’s name attached you’d be surprised how few people have seen this on MAL with it being on only 399 lists. I looked around and was able to find all 12 of the episodes on YouTube but wait there’s no subtitles. I looked around a bit more and appearently there was a group who subbed this show, but any seeds to the orgininal for torrenting are all but there.
This made me realize, as a Westerner I just can’t watch this show. How is it in 2017, there are still shows that are unsubbed and able for english speaking people to watch it? Almost everything gets subbed from either Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Daisuki in a very timely manner. Anything else usually gets some kind of fansub and ends up on KissAnime or so I thought. I hear stories all the time from the old days of fansubbing where every hot new show got localized in some form. Now, it seems like the more obscure titles from the 80’s just get left by the wayside in favor of fansubbing JoJo even though it got subbed offically.
As someone with a definte interest in the lineage, history, and work of Hideaki Anno it’s more than a bit unsatisfying when I know a piece of his history is unavailable to western fans. I get a much similar vibe whenever I read a transalted interview from Japan. I know there are plenty more where that came from, but the translating community just can’t get to it.
The feeling of geniune in interest in a show and just not being able to see it thanks to a language barrier sucks. Especially when you have a video Deadline and you wanna talk about something obscure. I know I’m spoiled by the Internet age, but with the standards we have now no show should be left burried in Japanese. Show the more obscure stuff some love eh.


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