A Big Friggin’ Room Fulla Otaku Crap

There’s a romantization I have for the more introkect rooms of Otaku vloggers and those who share their collection online. Not only does it give you a lot to look at and for those who have the stuff, a lot of options to use, but it also presents a personality. An individual narrative behind every bit of crap that occupies that giant space of a room. The more media and trinkets that consume the room, the more of the collector’s tastes and personality come into the fore front. With certain corners even being dedicated to a certain idea or character for the more particularly obsessive collectors in the comunity.
That element of personalization and style is an art form of expression in it’s own right. Designing a room takes thought and time. You wouldn’t wanna half ass something you’re going to spend most of your time in as an Otaku or something you just dropped hundreds of dollars on as a decorator now would you? This causes every bit of the room to have some sort of character beyond what may pervade the items. Shelving designed with a certain theme, bedsheets with anime characters taped to the ceiling, posters behind bookshelves with notebooks hidden behind there. Yes, it can be a lot of things. Much like with writing or any other art form, that’s what makes it fun.
For me, if I drop hundreds of dollars on merch I will have just as much fun designing the Ota-cave that it’s put in as I did using the merch itself. If I put my heart and soul into making a room that’s individual to myself there’s a sense of pride I put into that. I can proudly share my obsession with other freaks online in vlogs or peridicodically change things around for my own enjoyment.
Beyond the sheer fun of designing such a man cave is it just looks cool. I defend the idea of shelf candy because when you walk in it feels right. Sitting at the computer surrounded bby Manga, games, and Anime VHS\Blue Rays gives off a vibe that can only be exhibited by physical media. Being able to surround yourself with and hold something tangible in your hand that you love gives it sentimentality. It feels great to have something you love so deeply on display throughout your room in so many different ways personalized to your tastes.

The Otaku experience is one that fasinates me because I’ve been able to afford it. I stream (and emulate) almost everything, but that’s all I have in bedget besides a random VHS or Anime game I find on the cheap. I would like to get the physical crap, but my basic Otaku wants are covered at my laptop. I’m still able to talk about Anime analytically online with the community, but there’s a clear hole that’s gaping through my hobby that can only be filled if I made enough money for it.
I get the Otaku experience vicariously through my spirit and the spirit of seeing others buy things. One day I will afford this crap and design my own man cave, but for now all I can do is analyze it from a distance.


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