Being Tired Is Dumb and It’s Keeping Me From Writing

I wanted to get out a few more blog posts for the patreon before I went to bed but then my insomnia got to me. I love sleep and dreaming, but being tired is one of the worst feelings ever. When trying to articulate and get out a post in the way I normally would. Even now I just wrote a whole sentence reiterating the last point and without punctuation. Normally my grammar and ability to write kind of acceptable not really would come to me as a stream of consciousness. Not today.

There’s such a vast jump in quality that makes me appreciate what I constantly criticize. Being Tired and writing sucks. It’s like my mind is half on and the half that allow critical thought and analysis is asleep. Scientifically, we all need sleep. It’s unhealthy to stay awake so long. Doing work I normally would and it not working is just a sign that I should be asleep right now.

I should get my written work done in the day time when my brain is in full focus. At least I can edit mindlessly or do voice over if I REALLY wanna pull an all nighter. The prioritizing of time is very important when getting multiple projects done throughout one 24hour day.


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