Keep the Creativity Flowing (By Surrounding Yourself With It)

To riff off the post I just made on influences, most creative thoughts or ideas I get are from feeding my creativity. The more I read, games I play, and videos I watch the more ideas are sticking on my brain. So many artists who do so many things. If I was to sit in a box writing a book for an entire year, I would inevitably get blocked. Your creativity much like you stomach is something that needs fed with constant ideas flowing. That’s reason I’m able to work so constantly is because I have hundreds of influences coming from all sides at all hours of the day. The battery is connected to the charger non stop.

I surround myself with ideas and philosophers from all walks of life. With this in mind, we can come to the conclusion that writers block doesn’t exist. I could in theory never stop working on my craft for all hours of the day that I’m taking in more energy.

Sheer passion and willingness for new ideas helps a lot too. Whenever I get a new idea or binge a new creator, it’s always really exciting. That mood of excitement can be accessed at any time provided you know how to tap it. To change from a soggy, gross mood do pushups or go for a run. Drink some water and you’re refreshed. Now, you’re in the mood to start working. So, don’t use the “I’m in a bad mood excuse” because it can be overrode.

Hopefully, this post will help you get out of any rut you might be in or at the very least help you understand why I don’t get burnt out.


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