Observations on Influences in Analytical Writing

Using other writers and analysts as a guide shapes the way we write so we’re not taking shots in the dark.It’s no secret that I believe influences and upbringing are what help grow us into who we are later in life. The things we’re surrounded with we often try to copy or at the very least they find their way into our daily life. For example if the 5 year old me saw my Dad doing something really cool I’d seek to imitate that,

Seeing an analyst structure their post a certain way or use a certain idea lingers in my mind. I begin to work some part of them into my own writing. Taking from so many places begins to culminate into one (current) me. This me is always subject to change the more experiences that influence me. But that’s neither here nor there.

Without said influences, I might as well be directionless.We all start out knowing nothing. I can’t write a post or be inspired to write one without having read one. I can’t speak without having heard English all around me. As a young guy, these things may be a bit try hard but over time they harden into something more subtle because that’s when I’ve found myself.

When I take an idea from here and sprinkle it into my own work it’s not because I wish to plagiarize or be lazy, but because I want to facilitate a good idea in my own way. Lately, there’s been some particular pieces that I’ve studied. After some introspection, it’s amazing how much impact studying these pieces had to improve my craft. Influences only serve to help us grow.


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