Airing Out the Night’s Productive Lundry

I’m sitting here trying to bang out 5 posts to procrastinate from editing while watching old youtube analysis videos while switching from topi to topic in my head while also wanting to make music for some reason. I ebb and flow between what I’m currently passionate about, but lately I’ve been able to lean the situation more towards what content is important to advancing my career. Everything I make is to improve and distract myself but what people are going to watch and comment on is a completely different ball game. Because of this realization I began taking the measures to better control what I work on which has in the long run helped.

Sitting here now wih Tumblr opened and my mind going so fast between ideas I mght as well be speeding as a drunkard, I’m not at all sure what the hell I’m doing. I have so amny ideas, but as soon as I start one I need to begin the other. This creates a bunch of new projects with none of them finished. Thus, no product and no product means no growth.

This is very clearly an issue though right now at 3:12AM just an hour before my current sleeping schedule would have me pass out I’m entirely sure what to do about it. Push on and finish each piece with dedication. Perserverence is the easiest, simpliest, and most effective way of over coming this problem.

I feel like a mad man trapped in a cycle of both insomnia and bipolar productivity. An extreme willingness to get shit done while also feeling like utter dog shit from that whole sleep thing.

It’s a yes or no question with a yes or no answer.I have no idea why I made this post beyond to air out my own thought process but screw it it’ll get released anyway.


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