Misusing Perfection

Take one look at the content being produced by the biggest pop creators and the smallest of their copies, and you’ll quickly see a trend of surpressing any humanity beyond the always happy, always on manufactored robot expressions made with the intention of seeming “perfect”. To some, being an entity so marketable that they transend any flaws that may prevade the average joe as perfection. But if that’s the case than perfection isn’t by any strenth of the imagination interesting. And if that’s the case then why are we referring to it as perfection.

This is the dichotomy I graple with as someone who values Art that interests me as an individual. Markiplier is made to seem perfect to a broad audience by not having human flaws. Yet for me the flaws of the individual and how the play off of everything else is really interesting to me. We’re all flawed people, but we’re also all different. Ackoldeging and even exploring that aspect of oneself is incredibly interesting and creates a connection for me as an audience member.

Sure I come to a Markilpier video with an appreciation for games, but that’s all I leave with. Yep I sure love me some Mindcraft! Yet when i go a channel like Digibro I become infactuated with him as a person. Even if I don’t agree with him on everything or agree with him on everything morally I can still remain interested. Becuase he’s different and human.

But this cynicism towards anyone who has any emotion beyond “woah this game is wacy” only colluminated because the audeince wanted it. Why else would the top Minecraft channels have all the subs they do dedicated to them as a personality beyond just the game itself. It’s simple really people want escapism. They want a bright figure singing combyyah to a bunch of strangers who he appearently loves without meeting any of them. These happy go lucky channels make the viewer feel special and accepted when beraded with the idea that they changed a channels life just by watching.

\And so, the fakeness never halts. And with said fakeness a respect is lost. The audience who they claim to love so much has been reduced to mere numbers on a check from Google. With every shout of praise things become a bit more patronizing.

A creator who can be honest with the audience even when they don’t want it may push away those looking for a hug box, but for those of us like myself who desperately crave that honesty will create a far bigger cnnection with the creator than ever before.

Perfection can’t exist without flaws becuase the flaws and the honesty is interesting. That’s why in my mind the perfect pieces of work, the perfect artists, the perfect youtubers are the ones that are up front about their flaws and personalities. Without that I wouldn’t have anything beyond the piece of media in the thumbnail.


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