The Dictionary is Your Best Friend

I’ve been using the word “vapid” a lot in my writing lately just as in another era of my work I constantly used “autist”. These words come up in angry passionate essays of me being at my atmost pretentious towards those I deem as idiotic within their ideas (or at least in the way they present said ideas). Because really, what other way is there to describe these people without sounding bog standard and rudundant? I need to consult the thesarurus again.

Trite, jejune, uninspiring, insipid, feeble, flat, tedious, tiring, vacuous. Yeah let’s use that one. Wow, I guess my southern vocabulary was unable of realizing there’s other words to describe what I wanna say. Well shit, I’ll never run out with proper placement of these words. I can call you people human filth in all the best ways!

I’m bringing all this up because as I expressed in my “Use Interesting Words” vlog I did a few months ago, I get tired of the same words used superfluously to express similar ideas. Rather if I’m talking about a similar subject I want a word that’s different. If not, I feel as if I’m doing the same post over and over even if the word is in a different context. It’s the same word and therefore, I’m being repetive.

I’d compare to this to how can’t do one kind of script or video every time. I wanna experiemnt and evolved into what is interesting to me or fun to make now. Or else I’ll get bored of my work trying to copy one style over and over. I notice this as I’m doing it and it’s unstimulating.

When I look up a word that has a similar meaning to use in place of it I get a rush of excitement from learning a new word.A new thing I never knew in place of the old holy cow! A new style in place of the old holy cow! It keeps things fresh for me.

This excitement carries on through the post and is a sure fire way into me getting it done with a big grin on my face. Maybe I’m impatient, but evolution keeps me afloat.


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