Experimenting Keeps Things From Getting Stale

As creators many of us become bored with the same formula. If you start episodically blogging a show only to find it less eventful later on the path might not be clear. You’ve dedicated so much time and effort to this show for so long that in questioning your interest in it you begin to question yourself. Even more so if you’ve grown so kind of audience in that fandom. I’m currently experiencing this from the lack of experimentation in my videos. I have entire screenplays among long diatribes that require a camera to make a connection, but without that piece of equipment I’ve been unable to enact these ideas. I remained with the same formula for awhile because that’s the only thing I could do. Here I am burnt out on that formula and had considered leaving the game all together.

If you read my last post then you’d know I was stressed by lack of any ideas or understanding for what I was talking about. Currently I’m trying to change my writing to reflect the things I know about and it’s really exciting. All I needed was a change in tone for my passion to be reinvigorated. To observe the flaws and not repeat them.

Trying a new writing style or experimenting heavy in video can remind us why we began in the first place. Maybe it was a new thing you were excited for and now you’re reunited with that same excited as I am. Complacency sucks. I’d recomend trying new things every 10 posts at least.


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