This Blog Has Been Pretty Dead

My Tumblr is scattered with blogs, art, and my normal videos. Combined with their shitty interface and archival system, it’s nearly impossible for any weak willed person like myself to read through my own fucking blog. Most of these posts I did and didn’t post here ranged from okay to god awful, but they were part of the narrative, and it’s unfortunate they can’t be seen.



The other reason this place has been deserted is I’ve actually been making videos for the last while. I’ve became a habitual vlogger, where I must record at least two a day lest my Schedule falls out of wack. And I’ve been writing more than ever in contrast to when this blog began (Improved quite a bit too!). These goals have only made themselves more euphoric in time whilst reading through old posts. In particular “Keeping this Wet” wherein the thesis was “I’m gonna practice way more and improve naturally”. Waddya know? That happened! All the people who told me it wouldn’t, holding me down, can suck a dick!



By far the thing I’m most proud about with myself is my insatiable work ethic at some points teetering on complete lunacy. I put out like 5 videos a day and am constantly working towards improving my writing. The Logan Romkey that was making edgy podcasts complaining about not doing anything is completely irrelevant. That juxtaposition is why this Blog is so unused rather then any lack of effort on my part.


This Blog was primarily meant for writing that wasn’t good enough for the channel(s) or as an excuse to practice. I’ve learned when to stop i.e. when an idea doesn’t carry enough to make a good post, and more importantly I’ve learned how to write better for the main, side, and Steven Unvierse channel to thrive. There’s no reason to post here when that writing could get an audience on YouTube even if it is a failed project siting on Graveyard Shift *someone* is seeing it. Therefore, justifying it’s existence beyond the experience it gave me because Art is meaningless when it’s not being consumed.



While my work is very flawed, I’ve became comfortable adapting it to video. Not because it’s less flawed then before (though it was part of it at first) but because I want my effort and growth to be witnessed. More content is better than no content and it’s all going towards an ongoing narrative who’s wheels don’t show any sign of stopping.



The reason I wanted to make this post was just to clear things up in case anyone actually reads this blog. I feel like the narrative of this Blog is scatter brained especially with my name being attached. Do I take it down? How do the people stumbling across it differentiate it from the stuff I do now? Just today I’m planning on removing “Cremation’s Gone Corporate” from my Bandcamp because I don’t want it representing me in the direct search when the Album can easily be found on Production Outlaw. At least this Blog is a bit of a different case and a bit more clean. That and I wanted an excuse to get ideas from my head onto the Internet because I’m addicted, please help, this lifestyle is unhealthy, all I do is make content.


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